In this article, we will show you the most popular songs from China of all time. Explore the most popular music videos from China. These entries are the most famous Chinese songs ever.

The best Chinese music of all time. The most popular Chinese top songs. The incredible most famous Chinese songs of all time.

"Light Years Away"

sung by: G.e.m.

Net Worth: $176.5K


"If I Were Young"

sung by: Ronghao Li

Net Worth: $80K


"Midsummer Madness"

sung by: Higher Brothers

Net Worth: $56.8K


"A Kind Of Sorrow"

sung by: A-Lin

Net Worth: $56.7K


"You Complete Me"

sung by: Crowd Lu

Net Worth: $41.1K



sung by: Wang Leehom

Net Worth: $34.9K


"Take Everything You Want"

Take Everything You Want - Most Popular Songs from China

sung by: Tiger Hu

Net Worth: $28.9K


"Full Stop"

Full Stop - Most Popular Songs from China

sung by: G.e.m.

Net Worth: $25.8K


"Real Talk"

Real Talk - Most Popular Songs from China

sung by: G.e.m.

Net Worth: $25.5K



Dearest - Most Popular Songs from China

sung by: Wang Leehom

Net Worth: $23.8K


"Walking By The World"

Walking By The World - Most Popular Songs from China

sung by: Yisa Yu

Net Worth: $19.8K


# Song Net Worth
1 Light Years Away $176.5K
2 If I Were Young $80K
3 Midsummer Madness $56.8K
4 A Kind Of Sorrow $56.7K
5 You Complete Me $41.1K
6 A.i. $34.9K
7 Take Everything You Want $28.9K
8 Full Stop $25.8K
9 Real Talk $25.5K
10 Dearest $23.8K
11 Walking By The World $19.8K
12 My New Swag $19.4K
13 Long After $19K
14 Lit $10.9K
15 Best Actor $9.2K
16 Your Love $8.4K
17 Ear $8.4K
18 Forever Young $7.3K
19 Endlessness $7K
20 Quit Smoking $6.9K
21 Walk On Water $6K
22 Don’T Force It $5.5K
23 Now Is The Time $5.2K
24 Self-Complacent $4.6K
25 Mood $4.4K
26 Sparrow $4.4K
27 Flo Rida $4.3K
28 Like The Wind $4.3K
29 Learn To Meow (Remix) $4.2K
30 Do Not Have To Guess $4.1K
31 Singularity $4K
32 Dare To Be You $3.9K
33 I Wish You Happiness $3.7K
34 Fortunately $3.7K
35 Listening To Snow $3.7K
36   Will You Marry Me? $3.5K
37 Miserable Warmth $3.4K
38 Sleep Away $3.3K
39 Not Mine Anymore $3.3K
40 Quarrelsome Lovers $3.3K
41 You Used To Love Me $3.2K
42 Unreachable $3K
43 The Mute $3K
44 Almost $2.9K
45 Wait Till Old $2.8K
46 Hope One Day $2.6K
47 Bang $2.5K
48 Body First $2.5K
49 Your Name Engraved Herein $2.4K
50 Our Time $2.4K
51 Flexing So Hard $2.4K
52 Made In China $2.4K
53 Benz (Remix) $2.3K
54 How Did We End Up Here $2.2K
55 Talent $2.2K
56 Violating Youth $2.2K
57 How Can We Be Irrelevant $2.2K
58 The Best $2.1K
59 You Complete Me $2.1K
60 One Punch Man $2K
61 Full Stop $2K
62 Puppet Man $2K
63 Life's A Struggle $2K
64 Open It Up $2K
65 Work For It $2K
66 Unscrupulous $1.8K
67 Xue Zhiqian $1.8K
68 We Go Up $1.8K
69 Hope One Day $1.8K
70 Freak $1.8K
71 Silent Love $1.8K
72 Time Waits For No One $1.7K
73 Be With Me $1.7K
74 Room Service $1.7K
75 Fly Now $1.6K
76 Lonely Space $1.6K
77 Nada $1.6K
78 Tequila Sunrise $1.6K
79 Forever Your Dad $1.6K
80 I'm Fine $1.5K
81 Your Song Saved Me $1.5K
82 It' Been So Long $1.5K
83 Puppet $1.5K
84 Love More, Hate Less $1.4K
85 Unscrupulous $1.4K
86 Weirdo $1.4K
87 Another Me In The World $1.3K
88 Steph Curry $1.3K
89 There'll Be A Day $1.2K
90 16 Hours $1.2K
91 Mocking $1.2K
92 Hat Trick $1.2K
93 World Without Tears $1.2K
94 Roche Limit $1.2K
95 Poverty Or Wealth $1.2K
96 The Best $1.2K
97 Silent Dancer $1.1K
98 Refresh $1.1K
99 Morbidity $1.1K
100 Go Slowly $1.1K

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